Early College High School Application

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Section A: Student Information

  • Full Name

  • Physical Home Address

  • Mailing Address (if different from above)

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  • Date of Birth

Section B: Early College Information

  • Select ONE or BOTH early college high school(s) (based on your academic goals) that you are wanting to apply for:


  • Harold T. Branch Academy


  • Dept. of Business Administration

    • Business/Management Development
    • Court Reporting

    Dept. of Public Safety
    • Basic Firefighter
    • Criminal Justice
    • Emergency Medical Technician

    Dept. of Industrial & Technical Education
    • Air Conditioning Applied Technology
    • Automotive Applied Technology
    • Computer Aided Drafting
    • Diesel Applied Technology
    • Drafting & Design Technology
    • Instrumentation
    • Pipe Drafting
    • Welding Applied Technology

    Dept. of Human Sciences and Education
    • Child Development/Early Childhood
    • Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management
    • Teaching (Associate in Arts)

    Dept. of Computer Science, Engineering, and Advance Technology
    • Computer Information Systems
    • Computer Programming
    • Geographic Information Systems
    • Information Technology
    • Networking Technology CISCO

    Continuing Education (Non-College Credit)
    • Health Professions: CNA, EKG Technician, Insurance Coding, Phlebotomy, EMS, and/or Unit Clerk


  • Collegiate High School

Section C: Personal Student Information


  • Sibling Information

  • Family College History


  • Access to Computer

Section D: Education Experience

  • Please identify any honors or awards you have received currently or in the past 3 years



  • Mark each characteristic that best describes you

  • General Characteristics



  • Social/Emotional Characteristics



  • Identify 3 adults that are not related to you that are able to describe/evaluate your character, work ethic, and/or attributes.

Section E: Academic Records


  • Academic Information

  • Report card grades and student assessment data will be retrieved for review from the CCISD student management system.  If you are not a current student with CCISD, you must attach a copy of your most current report card, transcript, and testing information.  If additional information is needed, the applicant will be contacted.


  • I am interested in attending an Early College high school and want to be considered for enrollment.  I certify that the information provided is complete and understand that the submission of false information is grounds for denial of my application and/or withdrawal of admission.  I grant and authorize administrative officials to verify, access, and/or utilize academic information such as grades and assessment data to support this application.  I understand that the school and college expect a high standard of conduct for its students, and if accepted for admission to the school, I will abide by all rules and regulations set forth by both the ECHS and Del Mar College.  

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