Corpus Christi Independent School District


  • Non-CCISD Student Transfer Request

    Please review the application carefully and ensure all information provided is complete and accurate.  The Student Transfer Request must be submitted by the parent/guardian, or other person having lawful control of the student under order of a court. 


    Late Applications begin:  June 1, 2021.

    The Corpus Christi Independent School District is authorized to accept or reject any transfer requests, provided that such action is without regard to race, religion, color, sex, disability, national origin, or ancestral language.

Information for currently enrolled school district

Student Race and Ethnicity

Parent/Legal Guardian Contact Information

  • *You must provide at least one phone number for the provided parent/guardian

Student School Information

  • Zoned campus (according to your current residential address) and requested campus are in reference to the 2021-2022 enrollment school year. 

    A district campus boundary map is available by following the link below and selecting school boundaries.  

    Corpus Christi ISD School Boundary Map

  • INDICATE WHICH TYPE OF TRANSFER YOU ARE REQUESTING(only one choice permitted)  Required documentation must be submitted if applicable.

  • Administrative Transfer: 

    A transfer may be initiated to assign a student to a different school for extraordinary conditions affecting the family or the school. Indicate specific reasons in detail below.

  • Employee’s Children Transfer: 

     Attach employment verification from Human Resources or the campus principal.  A full-time CCISD employee’s child may request a transfer to the campus at which the employee is assigned to or to a feeder school excluding designated special program campuses. Provide employee name and work site below.

  • Medical Transfer:

      Attach certification to transfer requestA medical transfer shall be considered on a case-by-case basis for severe medical need certified by a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, licensed professional counselor, or licensed master social worker who has been providing professional services to the student for a minimum of 30 days.

  • Safety Transfer:

      Attach documentation to transfer request (i.e., police report) A student may request a transfer to attend a safe public school in the District if the student was a victim of a violent criminal offense while in school or on the grounds of the school the student attends or the victim of bullying or sexual assault. [See Board Policy FDB & FDE].

  • Sibling Transfer:

     Provide sibling information below.  

              Available to a student whose brother, sister, stepbrother, or stepsister will be attending that school on an approved transfer. The sibling must reside in the same residence. 

  • Please check each of the following check boxes indicating that you have read and are aware of the specified policy regarding transfers.

  • District Tuition Policy:  I have been informed of the receiving district's policy concerning tuition charges, if any, for a transferred student whose grade is taught in the student's district of residence; and I accept responsibility of tuition, if applicable.

  • APPEALS PROCESS:  A denied student transfer may be appealed in writing to the central office transfer committee within 10 District business days of denial.  FMI:  Office of Student Support Services (361) 695-7242

  • SCHOOL STANDARDS:  The parent and student accepting a transfer must agree to abide by the school's standards for academic progress, attendance, discipline, and parental cooperation

  • EFFECTIVE TIME:  Once granted, an inter-district transfer continues in effect until the effective time expires, the student becomes ineligible under the transfer guidelines, or the transfer is revoked.

  • TRANSPORTATION: of the student to and from school will remain the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

  • ELIGIBILITY FOR UIL ACTIVITIES:  The approval of a CCISD transfer does not guarantee UIL athletic eligibility for a student.  Eligibility to participate in University Interscholastic League activities shall be determined by the rules that are established by the most current edition of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules Handbook.  Eligibility for Varsity Athletic Competition for high school students shall be in accordance with the Office of Athletics Guidelines for Varsity Athletic Competition.  Before you enroll your student/athlete at another Corpus Christi Independent School District (CCISD) school please make sure you have met with the campus Athletic Coordinator of your current school.  FMI: Office of Athletics at (361) 878-4880.

  • REVOCATION OF TRANSFER BY CAMPUS PRINCIPAL:  The receiving principal may not revoke the transfer during the school year, except in the case of nonpayment of tuition,  the student commits an offense for which expulsion is mandatory or discretionary, or the student commits an offense for which removal to the District's disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP) is mandatory.

  • REVOCATION FINAL REPORTING PERIOD: Revocation during the final reporting period must be approved by the Director of the Office of Student Support Services. 

  • NOTIFICATION OF RISK OF REVOCATION OF TRANSFER:  A student's parent will be notified in writing when the student is at risk of having his or her transfer revoked. A revoked transfer may have UIL eligibility implications. 

  • I am the parent/guardian of the student.  I have read and understand this entire document.

  • Supporting Document Upload for Student Transfers(.pdf, .docx, .tiff)

  • Other Supporting Document Upload (.pdf, .docx, .tiff)